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I'm currently working on a project that would allow running the existing Windows x86 apps on the Windows RT devices. Unlike the previous project where I've statically recompiled Heroes of Might and Magic 1/2 for Windows Phone - this one would have a dynamic recompilation engine, so that it would theoretically allow to run almost any program without manual modifications.
There is a working prototype that can already run the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 with a rather good speed (yes, I'm a fan of the HOMM series). But HOMM here is used only for testing purposes.
Here is the video showing the gameplay on my Asus VivoTab. And here is the discussion on XDA forum.

This project would be partially opensource. I'm planning to provide sources of the modified DosBox and Bochs emulation engines, headers and samples for making WinAPI DLL wrappers, but the rest of the project core would be closed. The core currently consists of the PE loader, CPU and API emulation/compatibility layers. Later I'll add an automatic program launcher, so you would not need to manually specify the emulated program.

When the sufficient part of Windows API would be implemented and the set of popular programs like WinRAR and Total Commander would be running - I'll try to make my own CPU emulation library based on the previous experience. As I don't need to emulate pagetables, 16-bit code, AF CPU flag, and CPU instructions that are never used under Windows (like DAA for example) - this library would be rather simple and fast. Self-modifying code that is used in some of the protectors would be supported too via the MEM_WRITE_WATCH flag.

There is a possibility that there would be a commercial "professional" version of this project in some distant future, similar to WinAmp. But I can tell that this would not happen while I'm using the DosBox and Bochs code as main emulation engines, and while there is no legal way of running custom desktop applications on Windows RT.

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